A hunter needs a good knife for hunting though some people prefer a tactical tomahawk. A good hunting knife is required for various things from killing the animal to skinning it. Learn more about hunting importance here http://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2017/08/109097/. When you are on the lookout for a hunting knife, it is essential to know the purpose of it. You should determine what the use of it is and what you are planning to hunt using it. Also, many people are of the impression that bigger the size of the knife, the better. But that is not the case; a more significant knife is more harmful than useful as it is not easy to carry, cleaning is time-consuming apart from the danger of hurting yourself.
Before you decide on buying a hunter knife, finding answers to these questions will help as there are many types, styles and sizes to choose from and buying one can become complicated.
● What game do you plan on hunting?: Depending on the type of animal you are planning to hunt, a different hunting knife has to be used. A different knife is needed for a rabbit and a different one for a more prominent game. As mentioned earlier, bigger is not better as you can cut yourself while skinning the game.
● How often are you going to use it?: Depending on the frequency of the hunting expedition you should invest in a knife accordingly. If you are a part-timer, who plans to hunt on holidays or weekends a smaller multi-purpose knife suits your needs. Whereas if you are a frequent hunter, then a knife with a full fixed blade is recommended.
● Are you hunting for meat or only for recreation?
● What is the smallest and the biggest animal you think of using it on?

Based on the answers to these questions, you will determine the knife you want to purchase.

Blade types:
Blades of a hunting knife come in two variants.
● Fixed blade
● Folding blade

The fixed blade hunting knife is better if you are a frequent hunter as it gives more stability and reliability to the user as the blade is firm and does not fold back into the handle. Moreover, if you are skinning the animal, you should consider buying a fixed blade rather than a foldable one.
If you plan to hunt occasionally, then you should buy a folding blade hunting knife as you can use it for anything apart from hunting. It is also smaller in size and hence storing is easy.

Design: There are three important blade designs available.
● Clip point: It has a well-defined endpoint and hence useful for an occasional hunt.
● Drop point: Made of thick steel this is the preferred choice for serious hunters.
● Skinning: It is multi-purpose as it does the job of a clip point and a drop point along with skinning.

Steel used in knives: Hunting knives are made of the below type of steel.
● 420HC
● 440- A/B/C
● AUS-6/8/10

Handle: Handles can come in bone, wood, metal or composite materials. Consider the grip you get before you buy as they may slip off your hand.

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